About Golden

W5-Izac-Clamshell-lo-res.jpgWelcome to Golden, paradise for the serious skier and the perfect situation to enjoy Global Warming. No bling, no bullshit, just subtly situated amongst some of the best mountains of the Western Cordillera. From the slackcountry at Kicking Horse to the wilds of of Sir Rogers Pass, these rugged wild mountain ranges so accesible from town offer every level of challenge to the winter enthusiast ready for those windows of magic when it just doen’t get any better.

The Dogtooth Range surrounding KHMR is full of world class backcountry secret gems if you can ever pull yourself away from a Rogers Pass addiction. The Selkirks offer the deepness that we all desire but ultimately, the Rockies will take hold of you and your imagination as you realize the potential that stretches up and down the horizon. Leave your attitude in the bar and let’s go shred! Ptor Spricenieks