The Asulkan Hut- Tree Triangle

Location: Asulkan valley
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 4-6 hours
Vertical: 3200ft
Aspect: North

Getting There: Follow directions to the 'Mouse Trap'. From the Mouse Trap traverse on the right side of the Asulkan river climbing up a few small moraines until the tree triangle is reached. Climb up through the steep trees passing through some open glades which can provide good sheltered pow turns on the way down. Follow open slope above some glades until the ridge crest is gained and continue up the broad ridge until the Asulkan cabin is reached.

The Goods: The Asulkan cabin is located in the open alpine and the skiing can be rather variable at times. It is recommended in poor light and during variable snow conditions to ski the sheltered glades below the cabin. In the right conditions there is also the opportunity to ski over the west ridge from the cabin into a avalanche bowl.