Backside of the Molars

Location:_? kms North of KHMR boundary.
Access: via skin
Minimum time required: 3-4 hours
Vertical: 3500 feet back to the resort
Aspect: Northwest
Avalanche Terrain Rating: Complex

Getting There
Unless you access the top of the ridge via The Wisdom Tooth, the approach to the backside of the molars will smack you with a hit of déjà vu. Skin up the south side of the Molars (see route description) until you get to the top of the ridge. If you’ve gotten this far, you probably just shredded the Backside of Rudi’s and you should have a good handle on the day’s stability.
The lines off the backside of the Molars have much the same feel as the one off Rudi’s. They’re steep, they’re long and if you ski them on the right day, you may just quit your job and dump your girlfriend.

The Goods
Like Rudi’s, you want to be equipped with the necessary gear to deal with overhanging cornices. The lines are leeward and see heavy loading at ridge-top, so don’t be afraid to toss in a ski cut before commiting.
And given the steepness of the lines, you’ll want to visualize a plan for your sluff before committing. Otherwise, you might get dragged over one of the many sections of rocky exposure.

Lots of the lines that look good from the top close out into serious gnar, especially on lower snow years. Don’t drop into anything that you can’t see clearly from top to bottom, at least not until you’ve scoped it thoroughly from either the K9s or the Repeater Tower.

The chutes off the top are only the beginning. You could probably wiggle another 2000 turns through the pillows, trees and gullies of the drainage that leads you back towards the flagged traverse that takes you back to the resort. Trend right on the way down and cut under a pillow field to find the trail back to the resort.