Backside Rudi's

Location:  _km North of KHMR boundary
Access: via skin
Minimum Time Required: 30-90 minutes
Vertical: 1000ft
Aspect: North
Avalanche Terrain Rating: Complex

Getting There:  Follow the route description to 'Rudi's South Slope'. From the ridge dividing Rudi's Bowl and Molar Bowl there are numerous options for descent. It is recommended to carry a snow-saw/ rutchblock cord in order to saw off cornices at times when they become large.


The Goods: 'Backside of Rudi's' holds a number of intimidating chutes for the bold at heart. Depending on the season many of the lines may have large overhanging cornices which can make it challenging to view down. These can serve as good stability testers prior to commiting to these lines. There are many aesthic couloirs which snake their way down into the 'Molar Bowl'. Depending on your flavour there are alot of appetising descents to be had. Due to the fact that it requires more than one short boot-pack from the resort, these lines are less travelled and will most likely reward you with a nice steep fresh line all to yourself!