Balu Pass

Location: Connaught Drainage, Rogers Pass
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 4 hours
Vertical: 2500ft back to highway
Aspect: Northeast

Getting There:From the Rogers Pass Interpretive Centre find the trail head directly in behind the Best Western. This is perhaps the most frequented trail in Rogers and should be rather obvious. Follow the well traveled trail and cross over to the north side of the creek. It is a very gradual climb up through the valley bottom and you will cross some very large slide paths. While the skiing terrain in Balu is lower angle it is best to avoid walking through the large paths during periods of natural avalanche cycles. Continue along the creek until the obvious broad col is in view between Cheops and Ursus Major. Climb up the least steep part of the bowl between a couple of tree patches.

The Goods: Balu often is a good early season destination, but can be rather crowded during high season in the pass. The lower angle terrain is great for the not so vertically inclined shredders out there or for a nice early season ski. Ski back down where you skinned up the bowl. Also one can follow the ridge to the north for some mellow turns along the ridge and back down the pass. Some shorter steeper pitches can be sessioned off of the ridge but be sure of stability prior to commiting as much of these slopes are convex features.