Glacier Circle Cabin

Location: Selkirk Mtns, BC
Mapsheet: 82N/3
UTM Coordinates:
Elevation: 6100ft/1860m
Access: highway/ skin or helicopter

Getting There: Located west of the Beaver River Valley in a deep cirque southwest of Mt. Macoun. Access is via the Bearver Valley (19km) and then following the Glacier Circle Trail (5km). If conditions permit one can ski over the Illicillewaet Neve (14km)(only for experienced skiers with glacier travel skills.
Description: Just recently restored in the summer of '06 this historic one room hut sleeps 8 comfortably. This hut is a hidden gem with few visitors making the long journey in during the winter. You can have this magnificent chunk of the selkirks all to yourself for a backcountry skiing holiday.

Capacity: 8
Facilities: wood stovecooking and eating utensils, a white gas stove, sleeping loft and toilet system. Melted snow.
Cost: $10/night.
Reservations: Revelstoke Administration Office or at the Rogers Pass Centre (250) 837-7500.