photo by Dave Mossop

Grizzly Trees

Location: Connaught Creek
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 2-4 hours
Vertical: 1500-2000ft
Aspect: S-SW

Getting There:'Grizzly Trees' are perhaps one of the most popular routes in Rogers Pass. Mainly due to it's easy access and minimal exposure to large avalanche paths. It is accessed via the 'Balu Pass' trail which begins in behind the Best Wester Glacier Inn. Follow the main path until a bridge crossing the creek to the right is reached. Cross the bridge and either begin climbing up the trees or follow the trail along the creek until the first slide path is reached. Groups can chose to climb through the denser trees or in better stability climb the fan and enter an old slidepath in the trees. Continue climbing the steep trees until a bench is reached. From this point you can chose to continue on to ski 'Grizzly Shoulder', 'Grizzly Bowl' or ski back down in the trees tending left.

The Goods: 'Grizzly Trees' are a good safe bet when the conditions don't warrant being in large open terrain. Still excercise caution as these steep trees have the potential for small yet deep slides. As mentioned before this a popular route and is best following a recent storm in order to ensure fresh tracks. Enjoy blasting your way through steep openings in the trees!