Jumbo Pass Hut
684847-421426-thumbnail.jpg Location: Jumbo Creek, West of Invermere
Elevation: 660m elevation gain/ hut situated at 2,350m/ 7,710ft
Distance: 5.5km from trailhead
Mapsheet: 82 K/7 Duncan Lake
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Lat/ Long: 50°2'37"N 116°37'27"W
Access: Via 4×4-snowmobile-hiking/ Helicopter from Invermere.

Getting there via snowmobile: Drive 18 kms past Panorama Mountain Resort. Usually parties will snowmobile from the parking lot at the junction to the Jumbo Creek FSR, to the trailhead. From a post marking the trailhead begin climbing along side a creek through the trees. Follow blazed trees meandering through the forest until the dense forest cover quickly thins and a large avalanche path is reached at the base of a vertical rock face, the northern flank of Bastille Mountain. The route from this point contours to the left away from the lower slopes of Bastille. There are several rock bands, along an undulating ridge above a large basin. From this point one can chose to ski a short couloir or open slope down into the basin and begin climbing back up towards the cabin in the prominant pass above. An alternative would be to wrap around following the ridge and begin climbing north towards the pass. Views in the pass area are incredible in good light.


Description: There are many options for bagging peaks, or skiing pow through subalpine glades surrounding the hut. Jumbo is often an excellent bet for early and late season turns due to being situated at along the Purcell divide at 2,350 meters.

Capacity: 8 people
Facilities: wood, woodburning stove, propane stoves, white gas lantern, axe, pots and pans, and utensils.
Cost: $15/person or $50 for entire cabin.
Reservations: The cabin is maintained by the Columbia Valley Hut Society. Reservations can be made on line at www.cvhsinfo.org .

View an early season video filmed at Jumbo Pass: