Lookout Col

Location: Illecillewaet Valley
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 3-4 hours
Vertical: 3000ft
Aspect: North

Getting There: Follow the Great Glacier trails up the Illecillewaet valley. Follow the valley bottom until an obvious climb above a gully is reached. Be warned that the route up to the col can be daunting in poor visibility with tricky terrain features. Trending left up the rolling terrain being cautious of windloaded rolls is recommended. The climb to the col is straight forward in good light.

The Goods: Once the col is reached there is a choice of skiing back down the north aspect adjacent to your uptrack or dropping over into the steep west facing slopes into the Asulkan valley. If one choses to ski the west slopes it is recommended from the base of the large bowl to trend skiers left into a large avalanche path and down until the Asulkan Trail is reached.