McMurdo Hut

684847-404231-thumbnail.jpg Location: Spillimacheen Range, West of Golden.
Mapsheet: 82 N/3 Mount Wheeler
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Lat/Long: 51°3'47"N 117°9'56"W
Elevation: 1,760m/ 5,775ft
Access: Via 4×4-snowmobile/ helicopter from Golden

Getting there via snowmobile: Drive 35km south of Golden, turn right at the Parson River Crossing in Parson. You are now on the Spillimacheen FSR which is an active haul road. Drive slow and yield to vehicles which are 'loaded' or heading to town. The road is usually plowed until approximately the 21-27km. From this point follow the groomed trail approximately 30km until the 56.5km is reached. Follow a road which branches off to the left and switches back up through the forest. From this point continue west through a large meadow until the cabin is met.

Description: A nice cozy hut located at the foot of the Spillimacheen Glacier makes a perfect base camp for a backcountry adventure. The recommended method of accessing the area is via snowmobile, as the trails are well maintained by the Golden Snowmobile Association. There are endless possibilities for terrain of all levels in the area. The area to the south of the cabin and on the Spilli Glacier is reserved for non-mechanize riding only. If you are into sledding and snowmo'riding it is a short roop up into 'Silent Pass'.

Capacity: 5
Facilities: wood, woodburning stove, propane stoves, white gas lantern, axe, pots and pans, and utensils... Fondue set.
Cost: $15/person or $50 for entire cabin.
Reservations: The cabin is maintained by the Columbia Valley Hut Society. Reservations can be made on line at .