The Molars

Location: _km's north of KHMR
Access: via bootpack/ski/skin
Minimum Time Required: 3 hours
Vertical: _ft
Aspect: South
Avalanche Terrain Rating:
• south-Challenging
• upper ridges-Complex

Getting There: The 'Molars' are most easily accessed by skiing down the 'Backside of Rudi's into the 'Molar Bowl'. Once in the basin of 'Molar Bowl' the recommended ascent route is to climb to the right of the 'Molars' staying within the denser trees until the lower ridge is gained. Avoid walking up below the open slopes if the snow stability is questionable. Once the ridgeline is gained it can be followed until your predetermined line is reached.


The Goods: The 'Molars' are included as one of the many 'bar star' lines in the Dogtooth. Patrons sitting in the Eagles Eye will be able to spot groups dropping into these aeshetic south facing lines. There are numerous options for descent along the 'Molars' ridge. Chose lines wisely as they will typically produce some wind loaded pockets on the lee side of the shelf-like features. On the right day however you'll be rewarded with a spectacularily sunny steep line back into the 'Molar Bowl'.

Check out a Video of skiing the Molars