• Rudi's Bowl/ Backside Ozone

    With a short hike from the top of the Stairway to Heaven lift some stellar biglines await. Ambitious riders can lap runs down big mountain steep chutes or fluted spine features and continually arrive back at the resort. The 'slack-country' doesn't get any better than this...

  • Reudi's South

    Reudi's South slope is a nice wide open cruisy descent through sub alpine glades. A nice tour for an afternoon stroll onto some lower angle terrain in the sun. A savoury treat for a sunny powder day.

  • Mini Ridge

    A quick skin up the 'Ozone' ridge which borders the resort boundary puts you on top of some entertaining steep technical lines down 'Mini Ridge'.

  • Backside of Reudi's

    Yet another selection of picture perfect steep north face lines! Wide open chutes to super steep bold chutes to chose from. These lines are big and beautiful....

  • The Molars

    The Molars is a highly visible ridgleline from the resort. Patrons swilling pints in the Eagles Eye restaurant will be cheering you on as you drop in on these beuaties.

  • Wisdom Tooth

    Also known as the Square, this is a marque line to ski in the Dogtooth Range. Dropping into the Dogtooth Bowl below the impressive Dogteeth themselves will leave you feeling like you were in Alaska.

  • Backside of Molars

  • Dog Teeth

    The Dogteeth are perhaps the most sought after lines in the Dogtooth Range. Towering above the adjacent ridgelines, these sharp formations hold some of the gnarliest descents in the range. Only for the bold..

  • Holt

  • Clamshell