Olive Hut

684847-421415-thumbnail.jpgLocation: Forester Creek-Catamount Glacier, NW of Radium Hotsprings
Elevation: 2,850m/ 8,500ft
Mapsheet: 82 K/10 Howser Creek
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Lat/ Long: 50°37'54"N 116°33'28"W
Access: Via 4×4-snowmobile-hiking/ Helicopter from Invermere.
Getting there via snowmobile: Driving from Radium Hotsprings at the major 4 way intersection head west down a hill embankment beside the mill. Continue across the wetlands and you'll begin climbing the west slopes of the Columbia. When you reach the West Side Road intersection continue straight through on the Horsethief Creek FSR. Just past the 13km sign take a right onto the Forester Creek FSR. You'll reach a water resevoir where you'll most likely need to park and begin sledding. Shortly up the road there is a toll booth where they occassionally collect fees for grooming the trail. Continue up the main trail into a meadow at 1880m where a sled cabin is situated. Continue across the meadows until you can see your ascent route up the west morrain onto the Catamount. All snowmobiles are prohibited above on the Catamount-North Star glaciers; restriction signs are posted. The climb up this slope is a serious endeavour and may not be possible in poor conditions. Good to have a back up plan of spending a night at the 'Dave White Memorial Cabin'.

Description: The Olive Hut is situated on a granite knole on the east side of Catamount Glacier. Being situated high in the alpine at 2,850m can be magical, but also rather depressing during storms. In the right conditions there is fantastic biglines to ride on Mt. Harmon, the Black Fang and other nearby peaks within view of the hut. Being such a high base camp makes the Olive Hut a great early and late season local for turns. Please note that only experienced mountaineers with glacier skills should venture out on any glacier.

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Capacity: 4 people
Facilities: wood, woodburning stove, propane stoves, white gas lantern, axe, pots and pans, and utensils.
Cost: $15/person or $50 for entire cabin.
Reservations: The cabin is maintained by the Columbia Valley Hut Society. Reservations can be made on line at www.cvhsinfo.org .