Rudi's South

Location: _km's north of KHMR
Access: via bootpack/skin track
Minimum Time Required: 1-1.5 hours
Vertical: _ft
Aspect: South
Avalanche Terrain Rating: Simple

Getting There: There are 2 options for ascending Rudi's south slope from KHMR. If conditions warrant one can follow the bootpack to 'Backside Ozone' and shred a stellar line down to the base of Rudi's south slope. If conditions don't warrant, or you are in the mood for a nice mellow walk in the alpine, it is recommended to begin hiking from the KHMR boundary. Take the 'Stairway to Heaven' chair-lift and ski down 'Feuz' or 'Whitewall' for a quick warmup. Due to a closure which bisects the 'Feuz Bowl' it is recommended to ski down towards G7 corner where one can skirt around the closure and begin climbing back up into 'Rudi's Bowl'. Skin up through the trees until the basin flattens and 'Mini Ridge' is above you and 'Rudi's South' slope is visible. Begin switching up the south ridge line staying to the right of the open slope overhead. Also avoid wrapping around to far on the easterly slope to avoid steeper terrain.


The Goods: This run offers a nice mellow open slope which can be a safer option when the bigger terrain is not an option. Keep in mind that Purcell Helicopter Skiing still actively uses this run on bad weather days. Enjoy sifting turns down the open slope gradually descending through subalpine glades back to the basin of Rudi's Bowl. Lapping this run a number of times is recommended to get the most bang for your hard work.