Location: _km's south of KHMR
Access: via bootpack
Minimum Time Required: 1-1.5 hours
Vertical: 3500ft to valley
Aspect: North
Avalanche Terrain Rating: Complex

Getting There: Follow directions to 'Super Bowl'. Just before reaching the top of the bootpack to 'Super Bowl' veer south below a rock band towards the saddle between 'Super Bowl' and 'T2'. From this point ski down the ridge before starting up the boot pack towards the summit of 'T2'. Make sure to spot your line before wrapping around the back of 'T2' as the view becomes challenging from the top. Follow the boot pack around the false rocky summit of 'T2' until the true summit ridge is reached. From this point one can ski down 'T2'. 'T3' or continue further south down the ridge to access 'T4'. Dropping into 'T2' involves skiing over a commiting convex roll, make sure of the snow stability prior to commiting.


The Goods: Best viewed from the top of 'Super Bowl' there is a an assortment of skinny to fat chutes and lots of cliffbands to chose from. Spot your line carefully and be cautious of sluffs which may pull you down some gnarly features. Let'er rip back down to the bottom of 'Super Bowl' and either follow the main fall-line path back to the resort or veer right into the trees which border the 'T3' slide path. Lot's of exposure from slides above and a long ride to the bottom of the valley dictate that you only chose this route in periods of low avalanch hazard.