Terminator 3

Location: 25 minutes south of KHMR
Access: via bootback
Minimum Time Required: 1.5-2 hours
Vertical: 3500 feet
Aspect: East
Avalanche Terrain Rating: Complex

There’s a healthy amount of debate about where T2 ends and T3 begins, but we might as well call the lines that flow back into Superbowl T2 and deal with the terrain that extends south of there.

Getting There
Follow directions to 'Super Bowl'. Just before reaching the top of the bootpack to 'Super Bowl' veer south below a rock band towards the saddle between 'Super Bowl' and 'T2'. From this point, ski down the ridge before starting up the boot pack towards the summit of 'T2'.
Just beyond the rocky summit of T2 is a broad corniced ridge, so be wary of leeward loading patterns. Banking a hard skier’s left will take you into one of the steep, rocky chutes that flow back into Superbowl. Flowing fall-line from the cornice will take you over a gigantic f#$%-off convexity that forces you to commit to one of the massive slide paths.

The Goods
Know where you are. Establish landmarks. Don’t treat these paths lightly. Even if the stability’s good on other parts of the mountain, these huge paths are always suspect. They’re also at the mercy of the wind and tend to serve up less than desirable skiing conditions.
This is classic, highly committed slide-path skiing. So be sure of the stability before testing the convexity at the top.
The top of the lines are characterized by steep, open tree skiing before the paths mellow out a bit. Watch out for cliff-bands and flat landings. The middle of the paths are somewhat overgrown. But they finish with fun little pillow fields that eventually lead to a cat-track that takes you north back to the resort.

South of the corniced ridge past T2, there’s an open face that you reach by riding along the ridge to a small saddle and climbing up and across. It’s open, it’s steep, it’s leeward and it likes to slide. Sticking to the trees on the skier’s right is more advisable than committing to the face proper.