Location: ? kms south of the resort boundary.

Access: bootpack

Minimum Time Required: 2.5-3 hours

Vertical: 3500 feet

Aspect: North-East/ East

Avalanche Terrain Rating: Complex

Getting There

Follow the ridge that extends south of the resort boundary. You’ll pass all of the aforementioned faces and slidepaths on your way to the seldom-skied summit of Terminator 4.

The Goods

Welcome to one of Golden’s spookiest faces! Some lines go. Some don’t. But if you’ve got the nerve to roll over a hungry convexity and shred some cheesegrater gnar gnar, do your homework and pick the right time to do it.

This is gnarly terrain that only seems to get hit when everything else is tracked out. Since that doesn’t happen all that often, the area sees nothing in the way of skier compaction. The slope just sits there and more often than not, rots into baseless sugar. It’s a leeward slope, so be wary of funky loading patterns.