The Bonney

Location: Loop Brook Drainage, Rogers Pass
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 5 hours
Vertical: 3,000-4,000ft
Aspect: North-East

Getting There:From the top of the Elephant’s Trunk, trend right and start making your way through some treed openings into a thick forest. There’s a photoworthy gap over a deep creek, but the side hill landing is not for the faint of knee. In any event, crossing said creek will get you off the proper line of ascent. Two hours of relatively steep travel through the trees should get you to the base of some dune-like moraine features. If the stability’s decent, the ridges of these features can be climbed. If you’ve eaten enough granola, you may choose to sample the delectable pitches several times before picking a line home.

The Goods: If you’re interested in climbing higher, there are some mellow heli-turns available on the glacier. But those looking for a more consistent pitch will be drawn into the open ribs, pillows and cliffs on the skier’s left of the moraines. This is serious terrain that’s absolutely peppered with convexities and terrain traps, so get a good sense of the stability before you commit.

If the stability’s not cooperating, descend though the trees that you climbed. Be careful though—it’s easy to get sucked skier’s left into steep, open terrain.

Most people seem to ski the dune on the furthest climber’s right and then cut hard skier’s left into the heart of the good shredding. Once you get into the goods, the fall line will take you home. Watch for flat landings off some of the bigger cliffs. Aside from that, get yourself on one of the many ribs and enjoy.

Once the run flattens out, keep the creek on your left-hand side and make your way through some tighter trees back to the Elephant’s trunk.