photo by Dave Mossop

The Hourglass

Location: Connaught Drainage, Rogers Pass
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 2 hours
Vertical: 1900ft
Aspect: North

Getting There:From the Rogers Pass Interpretive Centre begin skinning right from the parking lot. Take the Balu Pass Trail a few hundred metres until a clearing is reached. This clearing once used to be The Rogers Pass Ski Hill. Continue through the clearing into the forest and begin switching through the trees following the northeast ridge of Mt. Cheops. Once the slope becomes more gradual and the trees are more widely spaced you should encounter a rope line with signs warning of 'artillary bombing'. DO NOT cross this line to the left unless you have obtained a permit to do so at the Interpretive Center. Once below a steep rocky shoulder you should notice a gladed opening to your right. This is where to begin your descent.

The Goods: The 'Hourglass' is a small gullied avalanche path which only holds room for a few sets of tracks. Not recommended if it has not snowed for a while or you have a large group. Dropping into the 'Hourglass' will often reward you with a splash of sweet Selkirk pow to the face as you lay tracks down the gully passing through an old growth forest. This is often a good warm up run as you descend back into 'Connaught Creek' where you can continue exploring up the valley for some more vert.