The Lily

Location: Loop Brook Drainage, Rogers Pass
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 5-7 hours
Vertical: 3,000-5,000ft
Aspect: North/ Northwest

Getting There:From the top of the Elephant’s Trunk, take a left-trending course towards the head of the valley. You have to drop down slightly before taking the left-hand flank of a moraine feature that faces back towards the Bonney. Stay on top of the moraine and make your way under a steep bowl towards the alpine offerings of the glacier.

The Goods: Unfortunately, the perfectly-pitched run off the glacier is quite often hammered by the wind. If you’re more concerned in quality than you are in busting into the alpine, you can session the pillow lines and morainal features below treeline.

If you’ve got a strong group, you can consider punching over Sapphire Col and dropping into the Asulkan drainage via the Dome glacier. You’ll want to pre-arrange a car drop before deciding to go from one valley to the next.