Ursus Trees

Ursus Trees

Location: Connaught Creek
Access: highway access/ skin
Minimum Time Required: 6-7 hours
Vertical: 2500ft
Aspect: South

Getting There: Ursus Trees can provide nice gladed skiing when visibility is poor. Check in at the Parks Canada 'Rogers Pass Center' in order to read up on the current avalanche conditions as well as to register your party out with the self-registration service. The hike up to Ursus Trees begins following the approach described for 'Balu Pass'. Once the Hospital Bowl is reached begin climbing up through the trees to climbers left of the gully. Once tree-line is reached cross back over to the climbers right side of the gully and begin climbing up through the trees to gain the ridge to Ursus Minor. In good conditions it is worth a ski tour up Ursus Minor.

The Goods: The glades below the ridge provide stellar turns, albeit a short run considering the lengthy walk. It is recommended to ski a few laps on the ridgeline glades before descending down either the 'Christmas trees' to the skiers right of the gully, or down the main gully and trending left in the trees to avoid a steep roll down into Connaught Drainage.

Check out a Video of skiing Ursus Trees