Wheeler Hut

Location: Glacier National Park
Elevation: 1,250m/ 4,100ft
Mapsheet: 82 N/6
GPS: 51°15' 48"-117°29' 24"
Access: highway/ skin/ hike
Getting there: Park 200 meters west of the Illecillewaet Campground turnoff on the Trans-Canada. Access to the hut is a mere 2 km along a well-broken and level trail which begins just behind the parking lot.

Description: The Wheeler Hut is a luxurious alpine abode with a propane system for a comfortable rest between ski tours to Young's Peak, the Seven Steps of Paradise, the Dome Glacier - the list goes on and on. The hut sleeps 30 in summer and 24 in winter.

Capacity: 24 people
Facilities: 4 burner propane range, cooking and eating utensils, broom axe, saw, white gas lanterns and sleeping foamies.
Cost: $22 non-members/$17 members.
Reservations: Alpine Club of Canada (403) 678-3200.